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Everyone Wins with YIPPEE!

YIPPEE is a marketplace in every sense of the word. It is a place where every participant offers value and receives the same in return. It’s an exchange where educators share their thoughts, build a community, and receive free products; where sponsors finance products and receive the ability to better meet their missions; and where providers offer quality products and receive direct access to their audiences.

YIPPEE for Educators

A world of options.

Enjoy easy access. YIPPEE’s comprehensive collection of resources saves educators valuable search time and energy.

Free and easy.

Just go for it. The YIPPEE model eliminates teachers’ financial barriers to purchasing quality resources through our sponsors’ support.

Better together.

Join a robust community. YIPPEE brings together passionate educators gathered around entrepreneurship education to create a place they can connect and grow.

It’s an educators’ market.

Have your say. The YIPPEE marketplace model means teachers’ demand for quality resources facilitates their supply and determines what gets funded.

Points for your thoughts.

Take advantage of incentivized sharing. YIPPEE offers points to teachers for simply sharing their experiences and feedback with the community.

YIPPEE for Sponsors

Meet your mission.

Leverage performance data. YIPPEE enables sponsors to understand how their donations are working towards achieving youth entrepreneurship objectives.

Right where you want.

Target your sponsorships. YIPPEE enables sponsors to meet objectives by sponsoring specific geographic areas, grades, product types, or product categories

Direct to educator.

Improve grant management. YIPPEE’s points-for-dollars system removes the burden of time consuming administration, saving sponsors time and energy.

Facts of the matter.

Receive first-hand evaluations. YIPPEE allows sponsor access to valuable educator feedback so they can have a qualitative look at product and provider performance.

YIPPEE for Providers

All the eyeballs.

Sell to a built-in audience. YIPPEE gives providers an additional source of educator traffic, minimizing marketing and sales costs.

How you’re doing.

Receive first-hand feedback. YIPPEE allows provider access to valuable educator feedback so they can improve their products.

The easy way.

Enjoy streamlined administration. YIPPEE’s technology enables quick payment to providers with less administration.

Marketing power.

Target your message. YIPPEE marketing channels offer providers the ability to place their products and messages in featured, highly visible positions.



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