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How it Works

YIPPEE makes action happen!

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A seamless, integrated experience that gets the best entrepreneurial skill-building opportunities in front of students.


YIPPEE! Simple and Easy.

It takes just the click of a button to get started!


Earn Points

Register for YIPPEE and get started. Participate in professional education and share product feedback online to get points to purchase products.


Buy Products

Search a range of products to find the right one for your students, select it and use your points to make the purchase.

No need for points. There are many free products.

Choose products from national and local providers that deliver on the promise to build the entrepreneurial skillset. Once you purchase a product, the provider then contacts you to coordinate the delivery and implementation of the product.


There are a number of ways educators can earn points to purchase products.


The moment educators register for YIPPEE, they are awarded with points.
Answer introductory questions

200 points

Upload picture

25 points

Upload cover photo

10 points

Provide phone number

15 points


Educators can earn points by participating in professional development activities.
Attend Enspire

200 points

Attend a Power Hour

75 points

Complete a new educator consultation with YEI

50 points


When educators engage with YIPPEE, they earn points.
Rate a product

5 points

Provide a review of a product

100 points

Upload a picture of product usage

25 points

Complete a survey about experience

25 points

Favorite a product

5 points

Engage with us

10 points

Let us know how we can be better…

10 points


There are special points hidden within YIPPEE!
You never know when bonus opportunities will surprise you with extra points. All you need to do is engage with the system and you can earn “surprise” points.

? points

The fine print

You can earn as many points as you want. There is an annual spending limit of 750 points and 200 points will be carried over per year. Points are good for one year from the time they are earned.


Share Feedback

Let the community know about your product experience through ratings and reviews to earn more points.

Keep track of points with an easy-to-use wallet and learn from user-generated insights to make better purchasing decisions.

It's as simple as that.

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Getting your product on YIPPEE is as easy as 1-2-3.


Submit your product to be included in YIPPEE!

Each product is looked at through the lens of YIPPEE’s entrepreneurial skillset.

Products building at least one of these skills will be considered for sale on YIPPEE! Click here to learn more about the criteria we use to determine what gets added to the site.


Educators choose your product and pay for it with their YIPPEE points

Each product provider will have their own storefront filled with different products.

Once the educator chooses your product, YIPPEE will provide you with the educator’s contact information. You connect with the educator to arrange for delivery of your entrepreneurship education product.


Get paid for your entrepreneurial lesson

Payment occurs within the system, eliminating some paperwork for you. All you need to do is complete a short verification form letting us know about your experience. Dollars will be sent directly to your bank in a 1-to-1 ratio to the points used by the educator to purchase the product.

It's that simple.

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Want to develop entrepreneurial skills in today’s youth?

YIPPEE is the place where sponsors can invest their dollars to help achieve their youth entrepreneurship goals. When an educator chooses an entrepreneurship lesson, the sponsor has already agreed to pay the product provider through their support of YIPPEE!

Sponsors have on-demand access to how their funds are being used

If the entrepreneurial skillset and building 21st century skills is part of your funding mission, we’d love to connect and discuss how YIPPEE can work for you.

The Disrupted Funding Model


Funders Sponsor Products

Can be targeted to philanthropic goals, and narrowed by geography, category, or other defined parameters.


Educators Select Products Using Points They Earn

Funders can limit total number of available dollars per year to manage overall funding allocation.


Educators Use Products With Their Students

This is where the magic happens as students learn to be entrepreneurial!


Program Providers Request Funds

Payment occurs within the system eliminating paperwork from the funder and provider.


Educators Review Products

Points will be given for reviews and ratings. This feedback fulfills the need for traditional grant reporting and drives demand for future programs.


Funders See Reviews Submitted & Dollars Used

Information will be available in real time on funder’s dashboard.



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