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JAKAPA Entrepreneurial Skills Assessment and Development Tool

300 Points

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Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Provider: JAKAPA

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Product Details

Classroom time:

10 minutes a day until skills are mastered

Preparation time:

More than 30 minutes

Delivery method:



6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College



Entrepreneurial skills:

Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Reflection, Grit


JAKAPA is a comprehensive entrepreneurial skills assessment and development system. JAKAPA isn't just an assessment tool; it's a dynamic system designed to measure, train, and continuously track entrepreneurial skills.

Incorporate these invaluable entrepreneurial skills seamlessly into your classes, empowering students to not just learn about entrepreneurship but also embody an enterprising mindset. Imagine the impact: young entrepreneurs armed with confidence that they have the skills they need to be successful in their entrepreneurial dreams.

How Teachers Use JAKAPA:

Teachers will have their own accounts to view all of their students' work and progress. Student rostering is simple using an Excel spreadsheet. We recommend giving students 10 minutes of class time daily, Monday through Friday, to complete the weekly challenge. This can be done on our mobile app or web platform using a phone, tablet, or computer.

Additional Usage Notes

Grading is made very easy as each student's engagement points towards the weekly challenge are easily visible.

JAKAPA is an excellent support for group project activities as customizable small group peer assessments can be delivered and collected to the students easily directly through the platform, this allows for students to measure each other's skills safely and anonymously.

How Your Students Will Use JAKAPA:

Each weekly challenge focuses on one of our five core focus areas: Self-Management, Innovation, Social Engagement, Emotional Resilience, Cooperation

Students should take about 10 minutes daily, Monday through Friday, to complete the weekly challenge. This can be done on our mobile app or web platform using a phone, tablet, or computer.

The weekly challenge includes:

Short Action-Oriented Reading Assignments


Opportunity to Request External Feedback from a Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Friend, Family Member, Etc.

Real-World Reflection Inventories

Daily Habit-Forming Skill Builders

Skill Development Exercises

End-of-the-Week Reflection on Strengths and Growth Areas

All of these actions and data are captured into a gamified advocacy profile where students earn badges and points and can see their spot on a leaderboard. They will also have reports that encourage them to think about their top skill areas, areas for growth, their self-awareness of their skills, and their growth over time.

JAKAPA Domains and Skills

Self-Management: Goal Regulation, Decision Making, Task Management, Organization, Detail Management, Rule Following, Consistency, Time Management, Responsibility Management

Innovation: Creativity, Information Processing, Cultural Competence, Artistic, Self-Reflection, Abstract Thinking

Social Engagement: Leadership, Conversational Skills, Expressive, Persuasive, Energy Regulation

Emotional Resilience: Stress Regulation, Optimism, Anger Management, Confidence Regulation, Independence, Adaptability, Impulse Regulation

Cooperation: Perspective Taking, Social Warmth, Teamwork, Capacity for Trust, Ethical Capacity

Training and Support:

Teachers will receive a weekly support email with relevant tips on reinforcing JAKAPA lessons in the classroom. There are also ongoing Zoom training and office hour calls to answer questions and speak with educators across the country on how they use JAKAPA, and of course, the JAKAPA team is always there to answer any questions you may have.

This resource provides access to JAKAPA for up to 30 students in 1 class with 1 educator for 1 year.

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